Get Involved with School Clubs

A child's education does not take place only in the classroom, during regular school hours. The home, the playground, and the school campus in general can all be invaluable settings for a child's personal and scholastic growth. One way to enhance a student's school experience is through extracurricular activities such as clubs.

At St. John's we understand that connecting with other students is one of the most important parts of a great school experience. That's why we offer clubs and activities for our students. Our wide range of clubs and activities let students easily make friends, meet other students, develop leadership skills, explore new interests, and to have fun! Join our school clubs and activities today! (Students must not have any D’s, F’s or U’s in any subject.)

Art Club

Students are given the opportunity to explore their creative ideas and talents through projects that are an extension of the school's arts curriculum. From mixed medium to water color and traditional oil painting, students can find their unique talents and explore new avenues of enrichment and expression. Sponsor: Ms. Stein and Ms. Chiskowski

BAND is for 4th-8th grades. The band program has a beginner band (B Band) and an advanced band (A Band). Students generally spend one year in B Band then advance to A Band. Band fees are $75 per student. Other fees for band shirt, audition fees, and end of year trip will be collected at the time of event as applicable. Sponsor: Ms. Merring

Book Club

We read 7 awesome books. BOOK CLUB meets once a month on Monday from 3:15 to 4:00pm. Open to students in 4th-8th grades. Sponsors: Ms. Zoeller and Ms. Glossemeyer

DRAMA performs at least one stage show per year for grades 4-8. Students meet for auditions and then for rehearsals. Students will learn basic acting techniques, stage presence, music techniques, and theatre terminology. St. John's also hosts a chapter of the International Junior Thespian Society for middle school students. Directors: Ms.Zoeller, Ms. Velasquez, Ms. Lones and Ms. Beaty Choreographer: Mrs. Johnson

Math Team

Compete against other schools locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in solving challenging problems in mathematics. Math Team is an excellent opportunity to study mathematics topics that are not always encountered in the classroom and to build one’s skills in mathematics and in general problem-solving. Sponsor: Ms. McInnish


NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY is for middle school students only. NJHS meets once a month, usually on Thursday. Members dues of $10 per year. The five pillars of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) are scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and character. After induction students must maintain the required scholarship average and complete 10 hours of community service per semester. Sponsors: Ms. McInnish, Ms. Glosemeyer and Ms. Nemec


STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION is for middle school students only. SGA develops leadership, teaches planning and contributes to school spirit. The student council is the voice of the student body. Sponsors: Ms. Hervias and Ms. Arzonico

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is open to Middle School students (grades 6th-8th). Spanish club gives your child an opportunity to enrich his/her knowledge of the Hispanic Culture and practice the Spanish language outside of the classroom setting. We will meet once a month on Thursdays from 3:15-4:15pm in the Spanish room. Sponsor: Ms. Rivera


YEARBOOK is for 7th-8th grades. Yearbook develops the theme, writes the story line, designs the pages. Using the Computer Lab, Year Book Club members learn how to use our online software to manage digital picture files, apply basic design and layout techniques, and use digital pictures. Sponsor: Ms. Godwin


The best reason to start a club is that you are excited about something and want to share it with your peers. Talk to one of your teachers to see if your idea can turn into a new club at St. John's.