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St. John's Spirit Shirt Sale!




ORDER DEADLINE: August 24, 2018.

Spirit shirts are sold by the 8th grade to help fund the faith-forming and team-building trip to Signal Mountain. Tees are available for students, teachers, staff, coaches, siblings, grandparents, parents, and other friends of St. John’s Catholic School.

Students will be given opportunities to wear their Spirit Shirts in place of their regular uniform at least four times throughout the school year. Please see newsletters and the school website for specific dates.



Select From these colors: **Galapogos Blue is for 8th Grade ONLY. If not in 8th Grade please select from the other 6 colors.

Sapphire Cardinal Heliconia Daisy Jade Dome Orange **Galapagos Blue


Contact Christy Laue at or (256) 656-4964 for any questions.