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NOTE: During the Season of Lent, pizza day is not always on a Friday, sometimes it will move to Thursdays.


Lunch Times

K4-K5 lunch: 10:55am to 11:25

First Grade-Second Grade: 11:25 - 11:55

Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade: 11:55 - 12:25

Third Grade - Fifth Grade: 12:25 - 12:55

If you would like to order a lunch when visiting your student(s), please remember to notify the cafeteria by 8:30 am.
Email the cafeteria or leave a message at 256-722-0772 ext. 214.


The cafeteria operates from a pre-paid program. Students are assigned a PIN number so that each family is charged accurately. We work with the students a great deal to help them become familiar with this process!

Procedures for participating in the lunch program:

Deposit money into your lunch account. (one account per family, so please plan accordingly). Set a schedule for depositing funds into your account. Automatic draft is optional. At the end of each month, we will email you an invoice that shows a summary of charges. (We will have detailed information available at the school should you have specific questions.) 

Teachers of the younger children may limit the purchase of ice cream to a specific day.  Clarify with your student what he/she may purchase and when he/she may purchase it. FYI—in the past we have had students purchasing ice cream or additional milk on a daily basis thus quickly depleting the account without the parents’ immediate knowledge. As you can see, we must rely on your communication with your student regarding the purchase of the “extras” in the cafeteria.

Students are not refused a lunch should they not have any money in their account. However, you can imagine the difficulty of bookkeeping when there are negative balances. Repeated problems in this area will involve a meeting with administration.

Snack drinks: For classrooms that have the opportunity to purchase a snack drink, the teacher presents the cafeteria cashier with a list of students that took a snack drink. The cashier then enters the charge into the family’s account. Again, this is an important communication time between you and your child.

For example: If your child buys a hot lunch, an ice cream and a drink snack, that adds up to $4.25 day or $21.25 a week. You determine when and how much to place into the account. Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!